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General Travel Sheet Template

General Travel Sheet Template


What is a travel sheet?

A travel sheet lists all of the travel details that you need to know to go to fulfill the assignment that you have been invited to do. This includes flight information, ground transportation details, hotel accommodations, details about the event/occasion, assignment and more if applicable.


When should a travel sheet be used?

A travel sheet should be given to you prior to going on the trip to be with the host party.


Who should complete a travel sheet?

In some cases, the host party will provide you with a travel sheet prior to your trip. If not, then you can create one for yourself or if you have an admin team, they can create one for you.


How does a travel sheet get completed?

The information that is included in a travel sheet can be captured from the invitation/completed booking form along with the confirmations of the purchased flight, hotel etc.

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