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Ministry Contract Template

Ministry Contract Template


What is a contract?

A contract is a formal and legally binding agreement.


When should a contract be used?

A contract should be used when it is time to solidify the terms of an agreement. In the context of a guest being invited to speak, perform, provide a service etc for an occasion, a contract should be created by you (or on your behalf) after you accept an invitation.


Who should complete a contract?

Once you create a contract, you sign it and send it to the host party for review and signature. The host party should send the contract with their signature back to you to retain for your records.


How does a contract get completed?

If you are using the templates of contracts made available in the Admin Arsenal by The Business of The Kingdom, your name goes in the space associated with “Company”/”Ministry Guest”. The name of the host that is bringing you goes in the space associated with “Client”/”Host Ministry”. Then fill in the blanks of the document according to the details of the occasion. 


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